High Volume & High Profit Liquor Store – Massive Sales Uptrend

Do not miss out on this high-volume liquor store with massive sales up trending that Team Hansen has listed exclusively for sale! Sales for the calendar year of 2019 came in at an already impressive $1,024,817. Calendar year to date, this liquor store is showing a 60% sales uptrend as of July 31, 2020. This was achieved throughout years of work. The owner stream lined marketing during this time. They have also built a loyal social media following, and as such, social media posts are now spread organically due to their loyal followers, thus increasing sales. Expected and forecasted sales for the complete calendar year of 2020 are $1,716,000. Most overhead expenses in this business are fixed, not variable, therefore the profit skyrockets when the forecasted increase in revenue is considered along with the forecasted expenses. This business is located in an Albertan city with an approximate population of 30,000. Pleas inquire with Team Hansen to review the full information package which includes all information you will require to make an informed buying decision on this outstanding liquor store! Do not hesitate, as this opportunity is not expected to last long on the open market.

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Listing #: TH-4917

Type: Non-Franchise

Category: Retail

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