Highly Profitable Multi Location Retail Business

Business Description

This highly profitable retail business with 3 locations across central Alberta is an opportunity that you are not going to want to miss out on. All locations are in renowned shopping spaces with massive amounts of traffic and daily shoppers. Exact locations to be disclosed once a signed NDA is on file with our team. You will be impressed with the strategically executed placement of the retail operations.

This business is not a franchise. Save yourself franchise fees and royalties, typically more than 10% of gross sales, and bring that straight to your bottom line, your profit. The owners of this company have proven that their model is easily duplicated. They started with one location, and have over time, opened other locations in different markets. Every single time, they have proven their business model successful. There is a massive opportunity here for you to acquire this already profitable company, and to expand even further. The sky is the limit.

The owners are selling as they are looking to retire. Their loss is your opportunity. They have owned this business for over a decade, even further solidifying the security in your investment. Most owners are hands off, with one owner operating the business remotely from outside the country. This spells opportunity for you to be a hands-on owner physically present in the business to improve it further.

There is a website included in this sale along with the 3 physical locations. The website is active and proportionally makes up a very small percentage of the total sales, less than approximately 2.5%. This is yet another growth opportunity for you to increase the overall sales and profitably of the company. The owners have had little time or motivation to grow the website, making it an excellent area of opportunity for the purchaser. This business has everything, physical locations, and online sales. Making it an excellent choice in our ever-changing economy and society. They also stood the test of time making it through covid with a minor hit on their total volume and profitability. Most retail businesses cannot say the same.

The sales are already impressive with the locations boasting a total of approximately $1.6 million in gross revenue for the calendar year of 2022. With 2023 roughly on track to do the same. The gross margin is massive, nearly unheard of in retail, with a cost of goods sold (CoGS) of approximately 11.2%. Making the gross margin approximately 88.8%. You will likely never see margins this high in retail again. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

The asking price is $1,300,000 plus inventory. The inventory is approximately $600,000. In total $1,900,000.

As if this business did not have enough selling points already, they also employ a loyalty program for their patrons. This keeps the consumer coming back and loyal to their brand. The consumer not only appreciates the extremely high-quality goods that they sell, but also returns to earn loyalty rewards and discounted/free product through their membership. Memberships continue to be sold daily. The consumer pays a one-time fee to acquire their membership.

Please inquire for further details.